A fresh taste

My mood a few days back.


I was getting bombarded with all kinds of things.  Things that may seem small to some, more than they could have handled to others.  I could not get my bearings set, a good nights sleep or keep my heart from racing.  We all get bad news, sad news or even news that can make us mad.


I just wished to lie down and do nothing.  Just step away from what was constantly circling my head.



But, I couldn’t and didn’t want to do that.  That is not in my nature.  I am a figure it out, make a plan and get on with it kind of person.


One of the ways that I can calm myself is to be outside. I look to nature for signs that give tenderness, understanding and joy.  Listening to the silence, the birds, my grandkids laughter, my husband calling the cows in.


You know the old cliche..”It is the simple things”.  Well, that is my mantra.


Little things add up to big things.  A day full of little, wonderful surprises add up to a great day.  Even in the midst of this season of unwanted turmoil or situations, if I find the tiniest thing to smile about, my day instantly gets brighter.


We only get one chance to get it right while we are here on earth.  I can’t change what life hands me sometimes, as much as I want to, I can’t.


But what I can change, is my attitude and my manner in how I handle the circumstances.


I believe in faith, hope, everlasting love.   I believe we can handle what is handed to us with the grace of God, a higher power and miracles.


We are all on a journey.  Sometimes it is rocky, slow going and what seems like never-ending.  Sometimes it is smooth sailing, free-flowing and beautiful.


The beauty provided to me doesn’t change whether I am melancholic or broody, the stars are always there, the sun will shine again and I will see a rainbow, the blue birds and a newborn calf.  Life and her unwavering abundance doesn’t stop showing up because I don’t.  It is up to me to fall back into the rhythm of an ongoing existence.


Another quote that I like is “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”.   That is what I strive for.  I do my best to see the bright side of life.  I may be the foolish one, the dreamer, whatever.  But I choose to see that good things are coming.  Maybe not in my life here on earth, but there will be a day when everyday is joyous.


Until that day,  I will drink my coffee with our cows,


set aside a few moments to relax and regroup,


Eat good food, have a fresh taste,


watch the blue birds and love unconditionally.


“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” Marcus Aurelius


Until next time, much love and smooth sailing!



John 14:18


These times


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” Steve Kloves



I am not really sure what this blog is going to be about.  I have ideas and thoughts running through my mind.  I am not sure how I am supposed to behave and think right now.

I was raised to be kind to everyone and everything.  To not be racist, judgmental or bias. I truly believe that is the only way to live.  I can not judge anyone, it isn’t my job.


My job is to see everyone as an equal.

But sometimes it is hard.  It doesn’t help that we have 24/7 media coverage of every little thing that is drummed into our head and tries to make it into our hearts.  People from all sides yelling.   I get it, with all the social media, one has to yell to be heard over all the other clammer.


There are bad people and I know there is evil in the world.   I am fully aware of it.  I have gotten upset with horrible events in the world. It is enough to set me into a tailspin.


Who is right and who is wrong?  I think we all like being a part of a group that have our thoughts and beliefs.  It is comforting to be with peers that get your ideas. We feel safe. But happens with you are not in 100% agreement? Do we just go along to get along?  Do we stuff our own feelings just to fit in? Do we take a chance and offend someone? We have to dare to stand on our own two feet and face the fear of being a little alone in our beliefs, whether you are left, right, democrats, republican, gay, straight, black or white.


These times are trying, they are hard.  It can be unnerving to keep an open heart.   I worry sometimes that I am the one that doesn’t get it.  That I should be outraged, that I live in a bubble and not caring what is happening.  But then I think back about what my Mom would have said.  “Take your blinders off and see the good in the world”.


There is a deafening strife and struggle right now.  It can’t be ignored and it may get loud and unsettling.  But as history as played out, good usually wins, love always wins.


What I believe in is loving and taking care of our families, friends, neighbors and even strangers.  I believe that kindness starts with a ripple.  Just holding the door for someone, a hello as you pass someone in the hallway, a small conversation with someone standing beside you.  A compliment, a smile, a handshake. An acknowledgment of someone goes along way.



As Maya Angelou stated “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


This is something that I have to remind myself of daily.


It is like the old saying, is your cup half full or half empty? Do you just see the evil or do you see any of the good?


Today, as in the past, I choose to see my cup as half full.  The mass majority of people are good and want what is best for their family, friends and country.  They work hard to do the right thing, are law-abiding, follow the golden rule and just get on with doing the best they can. Living their lives to the fullest, grabbing all the happiness they can and just plain  loving life.


Agree or disagree, this is my belief.  Everyone is entitle to their own way of thinking and behaving.  That is what our great nation was founded on. For me, I will continue to strive to be happy and fulfilled.   To love my family, friends, neighbor, our country and the animals that are entrusted to me.   To trust that God will bless us and keep us.


I am so very blessed with friends and family who see me as an equal,  just as I see them.

If you are still with me and understand my rambling, thank you. I am not a writer, just a girl with a heavy heart who does have an opinion.

Take good care,



John 13:34




New thought process

Life gets busy, one day turns into the next, our to-do lists gets longer and longer, obligations and appointments sneak up on you.  It seems from the minute I open my eyes until I close them late at night, I am going 90 to nothing, with very little sleep in between.




My mind gets so jumbled up with what I am suppose to do everyday, It makes me crazy somedays.


I don’t know about you, but I get so anxious and hurried, that I feel guilty for having a little time for myself to create and do what is necessary.


I finally took some time this last Sunday to just walk our fence line and see what this scorched, Texas weather has done to our land.  At first glance, it looks dried up and parched.  But when I looked closer, beauty made herself visible.



My to-do list took a backseat to my calmness of walking in nature. It gave me pause, a new clarity, a balance of gratefulness and joy.




Nature has a funny way of showing up with exactly what I need to know.  I felt that I was fried, withered and just plain old tired from the “heat” of everyday challenges.



But finding, instead of just giving up, letting the anxiety and feeling doubt take over, nature turns herself into beautiful vignettes.




Subtle little things catch my eyes, opens them up to see the big picture.  A full illustration of what life is about. ” The flowers do not compete with other flowers, they just bloom to their full potential”.  Bees and birds do their very best to take care of their own without complaining.


The spider has a lot of time just hanging around on her web, lots of time to ponder what needs to be done.  She is rested when it is time to get to work and can do her very best with clarity, definition and skill.



There are always going to be days when a wrench is thrown into the best laid plans.  My decision is to not be so hurried and anxious about things out of my control or how people expect me to be.   To be rested and calm when a wrench is thrown into my day.






Another lesson in nature…the thistle has beauty and blooms on her own time, but has a defense against what she does not want near her.


God gave us Grace to be able to handle any tough decision, strength to get through each day and a brain to think for ourself.  We are all individuals with different priorities.  That does not make me wrong and you right or visa versa.



Having spent a few hours in the fields and woods, I came out with a better understanding of where and what I should be doing.  I am basically a calm, quiet person who really doesn’t get upset.  So it goes against my nature when my mind and heart go into turmoil over things that are out of my control or what people want or expect of me.  We all have to set boundaries to protect ourself and our hearts, just like the thistle.



Just like the dried up flowers that should be long gone, with just a little gumption, determination and hope, she blooms in the most difficult situation. This will be my new thought process:  I will stay true to myself, do what I know is right in my heart, be kind and grateful.   To bloom in my own time, and not someone else’s schedule.




I will follow natures and God’s lead to be my authentic self.  As I get older, it is harder to set boundaries, but I am going to give it a whirl!  I suggest everyone mind their own, set boundaries, be grateful and just like in nature, we will all have beautiful vignettes to share with others.



1 Peter 5:7


p.s.  I will have my kitty mugs on my website shop very shortly..purrfect for the cat lover!


It isn’t that hard to be kind..

I haven’t written a post in a while.  I have been just living my life.  Doing what I am suppose to do.


I am enjoying summer.  Taking things a bit slower and being grateful each day…..but I have a few things that bug me…



There are issues in the world that drive me nuts.  I don’t understand, for the life of me, why it is everybody’s business to be in everybody’s business?  People are basically good, kind-hearted and caring. But there is always that one, the one who screams the loudest and hides behind a cloak.  They are like a sweat bee aggravating everyone to death.  (Remember those little bees that would just swarm your face like little heliocopers?)  Why can’t they just say what they have to say and go on with it?  I respect the opinion of all, everyone is entitled to their own belief and values.  As am I.



I will gladly listen to their side of the story.  But it is up to me on how I consume it.  I can either let it go in one ear and out the other, take it to heart or hold it in my gut until it festers.  Most of the time, I hold things in my heart because that is the kind of family and friends I have and associate with. Kind, genuine, lovely people.




It doesn’t take much to be kind.  In fact, it is better on our heart, nervous  and digestive system.  Being all balled up and twisted is a horrible way to live.  As my mom said just a few moments before she passed, “life goes by way too fast”.  I want to honor my mom and live my life like she did…enjoying every ounce of life that I can.




I am not going to sit here and say that I never get upset or angry or just pissed off, because I do.  But as I get older, I don’t let the stupid things bother me.  I have my own convictions, values and beliefs.  I believe that being kind, grateful and helpful is good.  That we should share what we can, help where we are able and care about those who are without.  I am pretty conservative when it comes down to it and believe in our constitution, especially out right to freedom of speech.  Where I am getting aggravated is when people say crazy things without any warrant or truth.


dublnwindmill copy


There is so much in this world to be thankful for.  Especially living in the USA.  We have running water, a glutton of food and can go to the doctor whenever necessary.  We can express our opinions with a click of a return button.  We have world news in the palm of our hand in seconds.

It is easy to be an armchair warrior.  I am just a guilty.  I could be doing so much more.  I pass my little offerings, donations and helpfulness off as something spectacular at times when I know I can being doing so much more.




I want this world to be a better place for my grandchildren and their children.  Hopefully, there won’t be a divided nation, that this color is better than that color.  A liberal and a conservative can actually sit in the same room and agree on what is best for our nation and not their agenda and ego.  That people can’t hide behind anonymity and spew hateful things.  That children will be able to grow up and live a life full of love and know that they are loved.  That there will always be books and art to enjoy.  Kids can play safely in the streets without a jerk lurking around.  That our military, police and firefighters will be seen as heroes.  An endangered lion will not be hunted  and killed for entertainment.

That ALL God’s creatures will be honored and protected…



colt swinging


I really don’t know what this post is really about.  I just had to say what I have to say.  Maybe it is therapeutic for me to see what I need to do, how I can help.    I guess what I am trying to say is just be nice to each other, smile at each other, when you hug someone, really hug them.  Open the door for someone, buy someone a cup of coffee or better yet a meal.  Help where you can help.  Forgive and forget and get on with your life…Haters are going to hate, that is their problem, not mine…Love like no tomorrow…because life really does go by fast.






Whew…I have that off my chest.  If you are still with me, thank you for reading my rant..  I will be rainbows and butterflies next time..LOL

I am truly blessed and grateful…




Psalm 32:8 NASB