It is in the details.

Details, details, details.  10897816_806567316056190_4532931090003681074_n

It is easier to see the big picture.  Only glancing momentarily, letting it skim your thoughts and moving on.  It is like looking out an airplane window.  You can see the patchwork fields, big cities and flowing rivers.  But, as you get closer to landing, you can focus on people, cars, cows, boats, etc.  Everything starts to breathe and come alive.


Life is kind of like that.  We can choose to skim on by.  See everything and everyone as a whole.  To be disconnected, a little self-centered and oblivious.  Creating a wall around us, even if unintentional.   Life can be hard, heart breaking and even unfair. We may not even care about the details of our lives, just living for the whole picture.


We wonder if our hearts have turned to stone.  Why even try to sort out details, just live on the edge in a fuzzy haze and misguided understanding.   But do you really think we are supposed to live like that? I don’t think so..


I think we are born to thrive!  To pay attention to the details, work on the details and even fix broken details.   Like the old windmill on our place, until the details of the gears are worked out, it will not turn, will not produce and not bring joy to those around.  Much like ourselves..we may get messy, dirty, even angry and worn out.  But keeping up and tending to the details, we will turn, we will produce and we will bring joy to those around.


Sometimes, we have to retreat to find the details that need working on, being less exposed to the particulars and technicalities.  It is a good thing to pay attention to what needs fixing.  Tinkering with the gears,  asking for help, researching, meditating, praying, trying new things, new routines and opening closed doors.


When we start paying attention to the details, they become more focused upon, more meaningful.  We see the handiwork that is hidden.  We become less obsessed with the dull and meaningless.  We start to take joy in the inner workings, the fine lines and delicate balances. Big stuff loses its shine and glory.  Small victories and accomplishments are thrilling and significant.



The more attention we pay to details, gears, life, family, loved ones, friends, the more we get out of life.  It is easy to paint the world with one big paint brush and call it good. To think we owe no one nothing, being calloused and unsparing only hurts ourselves in the long run.  Hunting out details, glimmers of hope, feelings of grace, investing in relationships, long friendships, partnerships and most importantly, love…is all worth the journey.


It is a big world out there.  It can be hurtful, prideful and hateful, but need each other.  Whether we all agree or not.  We are God’s handiwork, the details and the gears.  We can’t thrive without each other support and connections.  We don’t have to go it alone on one big playing field.  Listen closely to what your details are telling you.  It is the small things that make up the big things. It is the small moments, the shared loved, the tender mercies and grace that contributes to our short time on earth.  I know that I want to love and be loved, enjoy the small wonders and overlooked sentiments that are offered to us daily.


Life is in the details.  Go find it.

Much love to all!

Until next time, xoxo


Matthew 13:32






[laf-ter, lahf-] 
1. the action or sound oflaughing.
2. an inner quality, mood, disposition, etc., suggestive of laughter;

    a man of laughter and goodwill.
3. an expression or appearance of merriment or amusement.
4. Archaic. an object of laughter; subject or matter for amusement.

What would the world be without laughter and humor?  It is a sad day when I don’t laugh out loud.  I find humor and enjoyment everyday and everywhere.   Even if I hardly see a soul that day, there is always something to smile about.




I was raised by parents who loved to laugh.  My Mom was the funny bone in our family.  Her humor was wicked and hysterical.  Humor and laughter was in her blood.  She came from a long line of funny women.  My grandmother would say the funniest things at the most inappropriate times.  It was so hard not to snicker, she had a way of cutting her eyes at us, giving us the “high sign” not to laugh right now, but just pay attention to the funny stuff going on around us.  After it was free and clear, we would laugh about it for hours.  My most favorite memories were spending time with my grandmother, her sisters, my mother and her sisters.  We would laugh about anything.  It was like having Lucille Ball, Carol Burnette, Betty White, Sandra Bullock, Tiny Fey and every other funny woman in the room at the same time.

My mom was saying funny things and trying to make us laugh 20 mins before she passed.  God has lots of laughter and joy now!



I am hardwired to find amusement in everyday life.


IMG_0792 copy




I am, thankfully, married to a man with a quick, wicked humor.  I love that most about him.  We laugh from sun up to sun down.



We are bent on passing enjoyment, fun and silliness down to our kids and grandkids.. I think they got it!



Our grandkids look at life is such a way that everything is fun.  And why shouldn’t it be? Having a sense of enjoyment is free for the asking.



Colt waiting for the birds to land on his arm early one morning.



There is so much crazy, bad stuff being thrown at us everyday.  I know people that get caught up in that and it brings them down.  They don’t see the good stuff, the funny stuff, the goofy stuff right under their nose.  It is a shame to always look at the bad side.




God intended us to laugh, why would he have put so many funny things on earth?  Like the Platypus or that lizard with the rotating eyes?   I find  humor in nature and animals to be inspiring!  They really don’t know that the world is in chaos, they choose to find joy..


IMG_1083 2

This is just a weird photo. My cow Hilda eating my cactus while Lulu acts all tough…


It is great to have friends that share the same sense of humor that I do.  It is weird how we somehow find each other!




Nothing is better than having a meal with good friends and laugh.  It can be a business meeting or just hanging out, if we are laughing, it is all good!


Finding happiness and joy is easy.  Just look around!  Everything is an adventure in fun if we watch innocent and young.  Standing on a gate and watching the cows is so much fun!  I would have probable just feed the cows, gave them a head rub and move on to the next chore.  But our youngest grandson had it right!  Stay and wonder in the sun for a while and smile at the cows,  what is the hurry?


So take that time to swim in the stock tank with your dog and kids.  Go for a walk and watch the squirrels chase each other or a baby calf frolic in the pasture.  You will feel so much better afterwards and your mood will be ecstatic, I promise!




So laugh when you want to, laugh OUT LOUD!  It is contagious!  You will make everyone around you happy…



…and you will feel even happier!



Have a happy Day!



Job 8:21



It isn’t that hard to be kind..

I haven’t written a post in a while.  I have been just living my life.  Doing what I am suppose to do.


I am enjoying summer.  Taking things a bit slower and being grateful each day…..but I have a few things that bug me…



There are issues in the world that drive me nuts.  I don’t understand, for the life of me, why it is everybody’s business to be in everybody’s business?  People are basically good, kind-hearted and caring. But there is always that one, the one who screams the loudest and hides behind a cloak.  They are like a sweat bee aggravating everyone to death.  (Remember those little bees that would just swarm your face like little heliocopers?)  Why can’t they just say what they have to say and go on with it?  I respect the opinion of all, everyone is entitled to their own belief and values.  As am I.



I will gladly listen to their side of the story.  But it is up to me on how I consume it.  I can either let it go in one ear and out the other, take it to heart or hold it in my gut until it festers.  Most of the time, I hold things in my heart because that is the kind of family and friends I have and associate with. Kind, genuine, lovely people.




It doesn’t take much to be kind.  In fact, it is better on our heart, nervous  and digestive system.  Being all balled up and twisted is a horrible way to live.  As my mom said just a few moments before she passed, “life goes by way too fast”.  I want to honor my mom and live my life like she did…enjoying every ounce of life that I can.




I am not going to sit here and say that I never get upset or angry or just pissed off, because I do.  But as I get older, I don’t let the stupid things bother me.  I have my own convictions, values and beliefs.  I believe that being kind, grateful and helpful is good.  That we should share what we can, help where we are able and care about those who are without.  I am pretty conservative when it comes down to it and believe in our constitution, especially out right to freedom of speech.  Where I am getting aggravated is when people say crazy things without any warrant or truth.


dublnwindmill copy


There is so much in this world to be thankful for.  Especially living in the USA.  We have running water, a glutton of food and can go to the doctor whenever necessary.  We can express our opinions with a click of a return button.  We have world news in the palm of our hand in seconds.

It is easy to be an armchair warrior.  I am just a guilty.  I could be doing so much more.  I pass my little offerings, donations and helpfulness off as something spectacular at times when I know I can being doing so much more.




I want this world to be a better place for my grandchildren and their children.  Hopefully, there won’t be a divided nation, that this color is better than that color.  A liberal and a conservative can actually sit in the same room and agree on what is best for our nation and not their agenda and ego.  That people can’t hide behind anonymity and spew hateful things.  That children will be able to grow up and live a life full of love and know that they are loved.  That there will always be books and art to enjoy.  Kids can play safely in the streets without a jerk lurking around.  That our military, police and firefighters will be seen as heroes.  An endangered lion will not be hunted  and killed for entertainment.

That ALL God’s creatures will be honored and protected…



colt swinging


I really don’t know what this post is really about.  I just had to say what I have to say.  Maybe it is therapeutic for me to see what I need to do, how I can help.    I guess what I am trying to say is just be nice to each other, smile at each other, when you hug someone, really hug them.  Open the door for someone, buy someone a cup of coffee or better yet a meal.  Help where you can help.  Forgive and forget and get on with your life…Haters are going to hate, that is their problem, not mine…Love like no tomorrow…because life really does go by fast.






Whew…I have that off my chest.  If you are still with me, thank you for reading my rant..  I will be rainbows and butterflies next time..LOL

I am truly blessed and grateful…




Psalm 32:8 NASB










I don’t want to miss…

I am sitting at my laptop, looking out my barn/home window watching it snow.  This is the second day in a row that is has snowed in central Texas.


I was asked the question the other day – What don’t you want to miss…

I came up with lots of answers.  I didn’t want to miss my plane to Asheville last Tuesday due to inclement weather (I missed it!), my deadline for taxes, my doctors appointment, hairdresser…  I have a to-do list a mile long.




I realized that everyday is full of moments I do not want to miss, to be fully present in that moment.



I get to live in a place where there is so much joy all around.  Every where I turn, I see and feel moments that make me smile..



They may be small, fleeting moments but they make me happy…



I don’t want to miss the most important parts of my life….




Seeing the sweetest smile in the world on my grandson Colt’s face as he turns 3..




The love my husband has for me, our children and grandchildren.IMG_5716

Listening to Tess practice her solo singing  🙂




Having calves follow you on your afternoon walk..


Explaining to their mom that I checked them for ticks..




Listening to the birds every morning as they praise the coming day..




A quiet you can only hear if you are still and have an open heart.




There are many moments that I would not have missed… Whispering into my mother’s ear as she passed on to heaven, holding my grandsons moments after they were born, rescuing a helpless weeks old kitten (who is now a holy terror! ha), bottle feeding newborn calves when their mothers can’t,  being completely centered when throwing clay, laughing so hard I snort, sitting on the porch with a cup of hot coffee watching the sunrise…

Knowing that I have a God that protects me, gives me a new strength and renewal everyday.


Don’t miss these moments, enjoy each one!





Psalm 32:8