Welcome to my little corner of the world where the cattle graze peacefully in the pastures, the windmill hums and the mockingbird sings.


I am a city girl who ended up in central Texas raising cattle. It can be hard work, but pure joy. Nothing is better than seeing a baby calf taking his first steps or watching the sunset over the prairie.

Growing up, I was exposed to many kinds of arts, architecture and cultures. This gave me a love for bringing beauty to my own world. As a graphic designer/drafter, I see things in details and try to recognize it everyday. It may be a bird singing on a windmill, a tiny silver heart or the feel of old leather. I love collecting found objects from flea markets, estate sales and antique shops hidden away from plain site.

I am sharing my life on the ranch, things I create and treasures I may find along the way.

Thank you for stopping by Fat Cow Studios! I hope you enjoy your visit and come by often!

If you have any questions or would like something custom made, please contact me at cindy_mcook@yahoo.com.
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