My 60th birthday is coming up rapidly.

I remember when my grandmother turned 60. I thought she was so old! Even though she was a very vibrant red head with red lipstick and sassy attitude.


t seems like I just turned around, and I am hitting 60.

I think it is the number that scares me more than the actual event. I definitely do not feel 60.

My Mom did not start her clothing business until she was 58 and her business grew even larger in her 60’s and 70’s.

If my Mom was still with us, she would tell me age is just a number. That you really don’t start living your authentic life until you reach 60. You know enough to see pass drama, pretentiousness and perfidious. To see the real beauty that abounds. She taught me to live in grace, equality and be respectable. To hold tight to the ones you love, but not take any absurdity from anyone.

My Dad has taught me to be brave, courageous, not to be knocked down and keep swinging. To measure twice and cut once. To have a firm handshake and to look people in the eye. That I am capable to do anything I set my mind to. After mom passed away, he found out he had cancer and is still battling it today at almost 86. But he is a fighter, a genius, constantly learning something every day. Dad took up painting a couple of years ago and is remarkable! He paintings are covenant. He still teaches me daily how to live honorable, fight for my principles and to feed the birds.

My life has had lots of ups and downs. Fearful, discouraged, heartbroken and hesitate at times. However, I have more to be thankful for and I am truly blessed.

My brother and sister have been my life line through out my life. My sister in law, Wendy keeps us all grounded. I love her dearly.


They understand me without saying a word.

I am a proud Aunt of a Marine.  This young man is what makes me proud of our country.  I do not fear our future because of young men and women like Sam.


I really didn’t start living my true authentic life until I married my husband Steve. He has let me be me. He gets me.

He thinks I look best in jeans, boots covered in cow manure, no makeup or up to my elbows in clay while throwing at the pottery wheel. Steve is truly a God send. It hasn’t always been fun and games, but we have a deep love for each other that no one can come between.





Steve has taught me how to work smart, be myself, not let what other think bother me. That I don’t have to be fearful. I love his love for me, the kids, our animals and our families.




Our kids, Misty and David (my step kids, their mom so graciously shares them with me since they were very young), and their spouses, are the most treasured people in my life. They let me be a mom. Something I didn’t think I would be. They have brought me so much happiness, love and goofiness to last a life time. They have given us the most loved grandchildren.




I think this is what I love most about being 60. My family. Being in a place to enjoy all of them. My heart swells thinking of all of them.

My friends have been with me through thick and thin. I have the best friends in the world! Some I might not see for years, but we pick right back up where we left off. The friends I see daily are like my own shadow. They know my every move, my thoughts and my sarcasm.

This is a new chapter in my life, something I was kind of dreading. But I am now looking forward to what is in store for me.

I have strong women that I have followed to be in this place and have younger people that I need to set an example for.

So, I think I am really going to enjoy my “older” years. I live in the greatest country on earth, live in the best state ever, Texas (!), have my own pottery business, The best husband ever to share our dreams with.  I am surrounded by love, here on earth and from above.

60’s are going to be awesome!

Until next time,

Much love,


Philippians 4:13

Support the troops! Keep Sam in your prayers!


  1. Shelbie says:

    You are an amazing woman that I look up to all the time. I am so grateful and blessed to have you and in my and Sam’s life! We love you immensely. Happy Birthday!! ❤️

    • You are the best! You are like a daughter to me and I love you (and Sam) to pieces! Can’t wait for the birthday party!

  2. I’m ahead by almost 5 years and the fact that both my folks barely saw 70 is a scary thought. It’s why I’m fighting this current medical issue fiercely. There is still much to do and folks to love. Having all my ducks in a row is comforting and practical and will allow me to enjoy whatever comes my way. May we both see a couple more decades : D

    • I have been a bad friend for you lately. I am sorry you have a medical issue, I didn’t know. Shame on me! I do hope that you are on the mend and back to your sassy self soon. Much love to you!

  3. That’s 6 10s in the scorecard of life. Perspective, looks pretty good from here.

  4. Love, love, love your words. Love, love, love your pictures. I am stepping toward 70, and can’t believe I am that old!!! God bless Sam as he has stepped up to the plate for our safety……C

  5. anitapelayorivera says:

    Cindy, hello! It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen one of your posts, and I was delighted to read your post off my phone yesterday at work. I wanted to however, come to comment by way of my laptop.

    I’m turning 60 this month too, on the 23, and after reading your musings here, I have to tell you that you inspired me. I feel the same was as you, in that I do NOT feel 60. Seeing relatives at this age as a child, you always felt they were OLD! But it just doesn’t seem like the same experience, actually living in 60 year old skin.

    I have a feeling you and I share the same birthday gift: WISDOM. Little by little, it comes to us, and it only comes to most of us with time. Here’s wishing both of us many more years of wisdom and health! Anita

    • I am so excited to see your post! Thank you very much for commenting and giving such wonderful words of encouragement. Yes, Wisdom! Such a inspiring word! Happy 60th birthday to you as well, my beautiful friend!

  6. Bonnie Case says:

    Cindy, it was a year ago this month that I met you at Shelbie’s antique market! You came running over to me and said, you’re Bonnie aren’t you! I remember this beautiful lithe, sparkling eyes, beautiful smilng woman who reached out and gave me a hug♥️
    We’re now FB friends, but I haven’t seen you in person in too long! When I see you st Shelbie’s market this year I’m going to be running over to you to give you a big hug and say, you’re Cindy, my frirnd❤️ You will love your sixties…they were some of the happiest years of my life…embrace them sweet woman…you have so much to give to others who need your kind of love and support…celebrate your beautiful life♥️Bonnie

    • Oh, Bonnie! What a sweet post! I love having you as my friend. We may not see each other very often, but just know how much I love you! See you in a few weeks! xoxo

  7. You make 60 look good! What a wonderful life, so full of love you have…Happy Happy Birthday! xoxo

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